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This Made To Order White/BlueGrey/Yellow MerMat is handwoven from reclaimed crab pot rope and will come to you with it’s own unique name. This is a multi colored beauty, bright aqua blue green, handsome grey, sunny saffron yellow, and a creamy white all woven togther rope that we always have in stock. Yours will be custom made upon order and will be closely similar to the one pictured and will make for a beautiful and unique doormat.  This color combonation is cheery, beachy, solid and durable and will welcome you home for years to come.


The rope used to make this Mermat has beautifully distinctive characteristic marks from its time spent in the ocean. The rusty marks come from the crab fishing and rope storage process.


Made in Humboldt County, CA. Each MerMat is a Treasure of Personality and Hand-Crafted Happiness. Thank you f