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local woodley island, Eureka Dockside Sales of Fresh Sustainable Seafood

Contact each of your local fishermen directly to get on their notification lists.


One of our favorite things about living on this stunning northwest coast is the bounty of fresh food available directly from our farmers, ranchers and fishermen. 


The whole ceremony of going down to the docks, meeting the fishing crews and bringing home the absolute freshest, most sustainably caught seafood available, is for us, the perfect start to any family meal. Many also have delicious canned albacore, salmon and even sable fish available. 


To help you get connected, we have complied a list of some of the boats we frequentOnce you get on their notification lists, you will then receive text and/or email updates when they are heading in with fresh seafood.

Don’t forget to also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Marlene Rose Seafood

Captain Brendan Semmes 

Text Dahlia: 415-417-9838



Fishing Vessel: Marlene Rose

Location: Woodley Island Marina


Captain Banjo 

Captain Jake McMaster

Text: 707-499-7380


Visit: FB @ fvCaptainBanjo

Visit: IG @ Captainbanjo_seafood

Fishing Vessel: Captain Banjo

Location: A Dock Woodley Island Marina

Ashley’s Seafood 

Captain Travis Vellis

Text Ashley: 707-498-4524


Visit: IG @ AshleysSeafood

Visit: FB @ AshleysSeafood

Fishing Vessel: Aguero 

Location: E Dock Woodley Island Marina

Oceana Hookline Seafood

Captain Harrison Ibach

Text Cerise: 707-362-5054


Visit: FB @ oceana hooklineseafood

Visit: IG @ hooklineseafood

Fishing Vessel: Oceana

Location: H Dock Woodley Island Marina


Comet Fisheries

Captain Patrick Burns

Text: 707-616-3716


Visit: IG @ cometfisheries

Visit: FB @ cometfisheries

Fishing Vessel: Comet & Bell J II

Location: F Dock, Woodley Island Marina


Tom Fulkerson 

Captain Tom Fulkerson

Text: Jen: 707-599-7972


Visit: IG @ jenmfulkerson

Fishing Vessel: Rose Marie

Location: C Dock, Woodley Island Marina

INTERESTED IN being included on this list? CONTACT US.

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