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Crab Pot Rope
What is a MerMat?

A MerMat is a sturdy Welcome Home Doormat made from rope that has spent much of its life underwater. It's therefore, half Mermaid and half's a MerMat!

How does used Crab Pot Rope become a MerMat?


The rope, having spent considerable time in the ocean cavorting with all manner of sea life, has acquired unique beauty markings and an ocean of wisdom. 


After it has been untangled, inspected and organized, the fun begins. Colors are carefully chosen and I personally weave each mat on my home made loom.

MerMats ready for a home
crab pot rope
Dave organizing the rope
Tags on our handwoven door mat
dave cleaning the rope
Why do you name the MerMats?

We honor the rope as a spirited being. It comes to us after already having had a full life of service hauling crab up out of the ocean. There is an alchemy that is happening with each mat I weave ... a piece of rope and a man becoming something new together. I am helping the rope extend its usefulness and the rope is helping me express the hidden artist that lives in my heart.


During the weaving process this ocean rope really comes alive and begins to exhibit a new one-of-a-kind personality. Given that this MerMat will serve beautifully for years to come in its new form, it seems only right to pause and listen for its name upon completion. Maya does this part. Each MerMat's name is then handwritten on an attached tag.


Now they are ready to head out into the world and be properly introduced to the people who will adopt them into their life.

The first MerMat I ever made, Angelfish Zoe Zoe graces our front door to this day.

Our First MerMat, Angelfish Zoe Zoe
removing the mat from the loom
Each MerMat is a Treasure of Personality and Hand-Crafted Happiness

We hope you will enjoy the way these friendly, one-of-a-kind Seaside Weavers MerMats welcome you home each day.

MerMat Sizes:

Standard 32x 22

Large 36 x 24


There are slight variances in size due to the thickness of the rope.

Special Orders Welcome

If you don’t see what you're looking for, please feel free to contact me for special size requests and current color availability, because all the rope is used, the colors available are limited to what is on hand.

A Unique And Meaningful Idea

I can make a MerMat out of your special crab rope. Contact me for more information.


These beautiful MerMats still have so much life to give, even though their crabbing days are over.

weaving on the loom
Empress Queen fish mermat

Each MerMat takes between 150-200 feet of rope to make! The result is a rugged product that will stand up to a lifetime of muddy boots and dirty shoes. They are easy to care for. Simply shake or hose off as needed. 


They are best placed on a non-slippery surface. These mats are NOT recommended on a polished surface as they will slide and create a safety issue UNLESS you have a non-slip grippy mat underneath as shown below.



Each MerMat Ocean Baby has been created with care and comes with a 1 year warranty. If any of the welds should break during normal use, contact us for a repair or replacement.

shipping refund
There are limits to how we can set up our shipping charges therefore, we will promptly refund all excess charges once true shipping costs are determined.

We accept returns, cancellations and in-person exchanges.

Contact us within: 3 days of delivery. Ship items back within: 7 days of delivery. Request a cancellation quickly if you change your minds as we try and ship within one day of purchase.


Conditions of return

Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value


Questions about your order?

We want you to be happy with your purchase. Please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

non slip at under mermat
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