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While traveling back east for our son’s wedding we came across these groovy door mats made out of recycled lobster rope. Though I had never been the artsy type, I was instantly inspired to try my hand at making one. Upon returning home, I connected with some local fishermen and sourced a bit of used crab pot rope. I created a loom in the garage and after a little trial and error my first official Crab Pot Rope Mat was born on February 7, 2020. I was instantly hooked! I was as proud as a papa seahorse. I couldn’t wait to make more and share them with the world. 


We find it very satisfying to take something that has already had such an important job of hauling crab up from the depths of the ocean and extend its usefulness by reincarnating it into a durable “forever” piece of everyday, practical art.


We are committed to supporting our local economy and protecting the environment while inspiring creativity with our little family run business. Each mat uses between 200-300 feet of rope! All of the rope I use comes directly from our local fishermen and the making of these mats ensures that this rope stays out of the landfill.

The Birth Of a MerMat





Humboldt County Sea Life

We are located in Humboldt County California, where Mother Nature has surely outdone Herself. We are nourished by the strong, wild beauty of Her redwood forests and the dynamic rhythm of the Pacific Ocean. Out of this cauldron of soul-enlivening vitality, has sprung a conscientious and vibrant community and a spirited working waterfront.

Humboldt County Grandmother Rock
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