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MerMat Harper Herring Smelt is handwoven from reclaimed crab pot rope. Harper is a beautifully ocean wave color combo of shades of watery blue greens and foggy light purple greys. Ms Herring Smelt will remind you of your favorite day at the beach everytime you wipe the mud off your boots. Harper Herring Smelt is solid and durable. She will welcome you home for years to come.


The rope used to make this Mermat has beautifully distinctive characteristic marks from its time spent in the ocean. The rusty marks come from the crab fishing and rope storage process.


Made in Humboldt County, CA. Each MerMat is a Treasure of Personality and Hand-Crafted Happiness. Thank you for supporting our business and our desire to support the local fishermen by giving them a sustanable alternative to the landfill, one crab rope MerMat at a time.

MerMat Harper Herring Smelt

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